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Who We Are

We are Chris, Rossana and together with Chris’s brother & business partner Vic, and the epic AusBroms team, we are honoured and excited to be on this adventure with you all!
AusBroms reflects our passion for nature (in the form of broms!), business, community, connection, growth, positive impact, transparency and intuition. 
Our intent is to provide you with the best quality and range of bromeliads while creating positive impact for the people around us. 
Thanks to Chris’s extensive experience in business and accountancy - with Vic he owns Fox Wardrobes, a thriving Sydney based company - combined with Rossana’s experience in communication and marketing, we magnetised an aligned team that started to shift the direction of this business from a reality that was getting winded down to one that is being reborn!
…Read our story below to find out more…

Chris _ Vic Volpe  _ family with Bob _ True

How We Got Here

As a New Year resolution for 2022, we decided to follow the inspiration of “The Surrender Experiment”, a beautiful book written by Michael A. Singer in which he narrates his incredible story. He chose to experiment with life by letting go of any personal preference or choice in order to be led to where he was needed. As a result, he was constantly being put into positions that enabled him to fulfil purposes much greater than himself, surpassing every time his wildest imagination and vision.

In this spirit, we set an intention at the beginning of the year and let it go.

A few months later, we started putting the feelers out for a home base to come back to while travelling for a while. We stumbled upon an ad for a property for sale  in The Pocket, NSW, and booked an appointment to check it out. We obviously were in “surrender mode”, trusting that it wasn’t just a coincidence that this opportunity came to us. Furthermore, Chris grew up in the area and spent quite a bit of time in The Pocket, so he felt particularly curious about going for a stroll down memory lane. This home had a big nursery on it, we were neither intimidated nor particularly interested about that part, so we decided to give it a go.
…And to be bluntly honest with you, we didn’t even know what a bromeliad exactly was…


As soon as we arrived at the nursery…it was magic! We felt somehow being called by the place, images started to appear in our mind’s eyes and it just felt so right! We were instantly captured by the vibrancy of the broms, their variety, their flair and their vibe.

It felt right, yet also absolutely crazy and scary to take over such a big project without any previous experience in this field. We held strong, kept growing though our limitations and glass ceilings choosing to follow our hearts and intuition. 

And as Sir Richard Branson would say, we thought: “Screw it, let’s do it!” 

The previous owners, Bob & True Grant, started the nursery in the 90s and created a thriving reality of passion, knowledge and dedication. We came in unprepared, but saw an opportunity where many others saw an obstacle and this became for us so much more than just a project! We felt honoured to offer a future to this legacy and devoted ourselves to this mission, especially in a time where some of the biggest broms nurseries in Australia are closing down.

Bob mentioned that they were moments away from having to tear down the nursery and close the business up before we showed up as the “Knights in shining armour”. We felt privileged and inspired by the syncronicity and timing.

This is were we took over, became soon hooked on bromeliads and started to create AusBroms, constantly learning through the beauty and the challenges of this journey. 

You all are a big part of it, so we thank you for reading these words, for supporting us with your purchases, feedback, requests and opportunities to learn what you want and how we can get it to you.

A wholehearted thank you to you all for being here!

Rossana, Chris & the AusBroms team


“I clearly remember deciding that from now on if life was unfolding in a certain way, and the only reason I was resisting it was because of a personal preference, I would let go of my preference and let life be in charge"

Michael A. Singer

The Surrender Experiment

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