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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What soil is best for Bromeliads?
Bromeliads require an acidic mix that retains moisture yet drains freely & also provides stability. The roots need aeration & will rot out in a tight or boggy mix. There are many ways to achieve this & different growers have their own favourite mixes. You can read more about our mix here

Ingredients commonly used include peat moss, cocopeat, composted pine bark fines (11-20 mm in diameter), coarse sand, perlite, charcoal, small pieces of polystyrene foam, coarse ash & ‘clinker’.

Commercial cymbidium potting mix is suitable & we notice that Bunnings now sell an ‘Orchid & Bromeliads Mix’.

Plants like Cryptanthus, Orthophytums, xSincoregelias, Dyckia like some coarse river sand added to the mix to improve oxygen flow and drainage.

2. How deep do I plant my bromeliad pup? 

Don’t plant pups too deeply – just to the base of the leaves. Stake to keep stable if necessary. If you plant them too deeply they may rot out. We don't want that!!

3. Do I have to wait before potting my bromeliad pups?

When you remove a pup it normally creates a wound. This wound if planted immediately can get infected by bacteria. You can leave them overnight for the wound to scab up and then its unlikely that the bromeliad will contract an infection. Alternatively you can coat the wound in cinnamon and this will act as an anti bacterial and the pup can be planted.   


4. How often do I need to water my bromeliads?

There are a large number of bromeliad varieties and they require different amounts of watering depending on the variety, weather and climate they are grown in. Our general rule of thumb is to keep slightly moist (definitely not wet) their tank filled with nice clean water. If it gets mossy or mouldy rinse it out with a hose. Just think about them as really good looking humans! They get thirsty and don't like old stale water. If it's hot they drink more water than if it’s cold. 
You will find more specifics about watering in our blog section of the website!


5. When should I remove my bromeliad pups from their mother plant?

Our general rule of thumb is to remove the pup in spring when its a bit warmer and also once they are about 1-2 thirds the size of the mum! Just imagine that your bromeliad baby is like a human baby the younger it is the more maintenance it needs (not all men grow out of this phase haha). If you would like more info on pupping and propagation, please see this link


6. What do I do if my bromeliads get Mealybug? 

Mealybugs are attracted to plants with high nitrogen levels and soft growth; they may appear if you overwater and over-fertilize your plants. On small infestations, a 70% or less solution of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol in water may be dabbed directly on mealybugs with a cotton swab to kill them or remove them. 

7. What do I do if my bromeliads get grasshopers and they are getting eaten?

You need to catch that grass hoper. The best time to catch them is in the early morning when they are sluggish.  Keep your brom and just trim the damaged leaves. It will keep growing. 


8. Do bromeliads get lots of mosquitos? 

We have thousands of bromeliads and they don’t have mosquitos growing in their wells. However, if you find you are having issues with mosquitos we recommend to wash out the central bowl regularly to break any breeding cycle. 

9. When maintaining my bromeliads can I cut off the brown bottom leaves?

When your bromeliads bottom leaves die it’s good to cut the leaves away and not leave them. Firstly it makes the brom look amazing and it also helps for more pups to grow through by tidying it up.


Will I receive exactly what’s in the photo?

Unless otherwise stated that it is the photo of the bromeliad being sold then it will be an offset of a mother and you will likely receive 1-2 thirds the size of the fully flowering mum. 


How long will it take to receive my bromeliads?

It depends on your location and the type of shipping you chose when checking out online. We aim to clean, pack and ship all orders within 7 days of receiving your order. We ship with Australia Post wherever possible and you can check out their shipping guidelines on their website. 

When will my plants be shipped?
We pack and ship every Tuesday and Thursday, except if it is a public holiday. 
We pack in the order we receive the orders, as efficiently as possible.
We can't give future packing dates, but we aim to pack within 7 days of receiving your order.
We mail your plants via Australia Post where possible. 
When will my plants arrive?
You will be sent a notification email when your order is shipped. Use the tracking number in this email to track your order's progress.
No email? Your order hasn't shipped yet. Your bromeliads are still in the nursery being cared for.
Please allow 7 days from shipping on average, and 14 days for NT, TAS, WA to clear biosecurity.
In peak times - spring, public holidays, Easter, Christmas, during global pandemics - your order might take 10 working days or more.
Sometimes, especially in urban areas, they may arrive earlier. 
We do not control courier or AusPost delivery schedules. If your parcel returns to the depot, or is rerouted, that is also not under our control. We will do our best to make sure that these issues are resolved AS SOON AS POSSIBLE :)
Read more on current shipping schedules at the AusPost website here .
Can you hold my order for me?
We pack and ship orders as fast as we can. Then we hand them to the courier or AusPost, and it's up to their schedules when they deliver to you.
We are happy to hold an order for you until you are ready. Please note this in the comments when checking out online. 

Will I receive my plants in a pot?

No you will receive your bromeliads barerooted, cleaned, washed and wrapped in newspaper in a box. If you live in WA, NT, SA, TAS we will put moist peat moss around the roots/stem to keep some moisture during transit. We are unable to include soil when shipping due to quarantine issues. 


What if my parcel gets lost?

All parcels that we ship will include tracking information. If you’re parcel is lost and unable to be located by AusPost we will replace it free of charge because we want you to get the bromeliads you ordered and will do whatever it takes to get you broms!!


What if I receive a damaged plant or a plant I am not happy with?

If you receive a damaged bromeliad or one that you are not happy with. Please contact us by email or phone and we will make sure that you are happy. If we are unable to provide you with a bromeliad you are happy with we will refund you your money. That’s how committed we are to ensuring our clients receive what they are paying for. 

If all else fails you and you are still unhappy, you can call the owner of the business Chris Volpe on 0410 218 699 and he will deal with it personally. 


Will my bromeliads be ok in the post?

Yes. We pre-treat and specially hydrate all bromeliads before shipping, for long journeys we wrap moist peat moss on the roots of the brom in aluminium foil so they can survive long transit times and unforeseen delays.
We also wrap them in newspaper in a specific way which minimises any damage in transit. Please note that once the newspaper is removed it may take a couple of days for the foliage to spread out and look great again. 

If you are ever unhappy with a brom that arrives, please let us know and we will either help to resolve the issue or replace it free of charge!

How much is delivery?

We work off flat rate shipping for online orders sending with AusPost whenever possible. 
NSW, QLD flat rate standard shipping $15 and express $25.
ACT flat rate standard shipping $20 and express $35.
SA, TAS, NT and WA flat rate standard shipping $55 and express $65. 
Orders over $299 are FREE SHIPPING. WOW :)
NT, TAS, WA addresses incur a $35 fee as a contribution to the cost of legally-required biosecurity inspections. This is included in the shipping cost.
Our address verification software recognises your postcode and assigns the state fee.
Can I pick up from the nursery?
Yes. Place your order online, select 'Pickup from the Nursery' at checkout, and we'll contact you when your plants are ready to collect.
We are just outside Ocean Shores/Brunswick Heads on the Northern Rivers about 50 minutes from Coolangatta and 30 minutes from Byron Bay. 
Please check your order is ready for collection, and our offices are open, before making a long journey.


How do you pack bromeliads for shipping?

All our plants are carefully packed in our custom boxes. We secure everything thoroughly with newspaper, so that your bromeliads reach you in the best condition. We’ve got lots of experience packing bromeliads and carefully fold the leaves in and tuck the newspaper in to protect the foliage as best as possible. 
All the bromeliads are watered and specially treated before packing, to reduce water evaporation in transit. We also label each variety of plant so you can identify your purchases.

If you are ever unhappy with a brom that arrives, please let us know and we will either help to resolve the issue or replace it free of charge!


What is biosecurity? Can you send plants to TAS/WA/NT?
We send plants Australia-wide.
We can send plants to ALL states because we have full biosecurity protocols and documents in place.
That doesn't mean we can send ALL plants to ALL states. Your own state biosecurity prevents that happening.
See the plants we can send to your state, by using the filters to the left of your computer screen. or at the bottom of your phone screen.

Why can't you send me all the plants I want?
We ship to all states, but we can't ship ALL plants to ALL states. There are some plants we can't send to every state, regardless of our biosecurity protocols. This is due to individual state biosecurity law, which applies to all nurseries.
See the full list of plants we can’t ship to you for more information. We don't break the law.
Some plants are restricted for sale in certain localised areas, to protect native bushland. They can still be sold and planted everywhere else around the country.
If you are in doubt please check with your local council for details on these.


How can I pay?
We take Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard) you can pay via the website during the checkout process. If you have a large order and would like to discuss with us stock and capability to supply, please call us and these orders can be taken directly over the phone by credit card or paid by direct transfer on invoice. 

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