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Newsletter No 27 - 13 October 2022

Exciting News from Ausbroms

Dear brom friends,


I’m Rossana aka Brand Brom, co-owner & marketing head here at AusBroms and I also enjoy writing this newsletter for you every fortnight. I’d like to take you on a little journey into the heart of AusBroms for this one!


Ready? Let’s go!



Help us to help you survey

Our first stop is here, right at the entrance where you’re greeted with a wholehearted THANK YOU to the 208 legends that took their time to respond to our survey! You’ve gifted us with invaluable feedback that we endevour to take in and utilise as a signpost for our next steps. We find purpose in serving our community in alignment with their desires while alleviating their pain points and creating positive change. It allows us to tap into more happiness and…infinite potential! (Yes, we like to think beyond what we can see).

Thank you so much for showing us the way!




As we descend into the heart of AusBroms, we encounter the very reason why we are here which is what we continuously deepen and discover more of. As some of you may already be aware,  one of the main reasons why we embarked on this journey is “the surrender experiment”, but it felt important for us to spend some more thought on it to find our united voice from which we can evolve.

Inspired by  Simon Sinek’s model the “Golden Circle” and by the green fresh grass we sat on, we asked ourselves “What do we believe in?”, “What moves us?”, “Why are we here?”. In our answers we found key elements like growth, love of beauty & nature, desire to experience business in a way that is grounded both in numbers and intuition while taking into account the greater plans that are often unknown to us. We found the desire to bring more happiness and joy into people’s lives and if you’re reading this you may agree with me that…well, with broms it’s kinda a love affair!

So we figured that:

How do you like it?


Our new website is live!

This is where our heart shines from the inside out

We can’t even express how happy we are for having launched our new website early this week! This was one of the first projects we set our minds (and hearts) on when we took over the nursery last July. Big shout out to our superstar Michael (in the photo below) for patiently having designed our online shop, collected all the data and photographed all the broms! His job is not done yet, it will take him another few months to have all of our broms online…keep up the good work Micheal! We love your attention to detail and your taste for beauty!

At Ausbroms we value transparency, so we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that our prices have changed for the first time in three years.

The reasons why we made this decision are predominantly three:


- Sustain the significant cost increases due to covid and general market conditions (pots, soil, freight, fuel, fertiliser, labour).


- Previous owners were operating the nursery without paying market wages for the sheer amount of work they were doing.


- Reverting the trajectory that the nursery was on for the last couple of years: closing down.


We are determined to keep the nursery alive, so we can continue the legacy that Bob & True cultivated throughout the years while providing you with our wide variety of quality broms. This is why our prices now reflect the current market conditions and support a business model that can sustain the nursery’s growth.


If you have any questions, we are happy to hear them. Email:

A gift from our hearts

To celebrate our online shop launch, there is a special gift for you!


Take advantage of a week of free shipping using the code below for every online purchase.


Apply the code directly to your check out (for one purchase only) and enjoy the free shipping for orders of minimum $50. Hurry up, it is valid until 19/10/2022

A heart of (Aus)Broms

As we approach the end of this journey and step out of AusBroms’ heart, we are delighted to see how it reflects on the outside through our clients and supporters!


Check out the stunning work by Jani Johnson from Moongate Gardens! She contacted us to get our Mini Neos to feature a wall creating an awesome love-heart view!

Thank you so much Jani for choosing us, you’re an absolute pleasure to deal with!

If you’re in Sydney contact her to bring more style and love to your garden!


Thank you so much for following me into the heart of AusBroms, I am already looking forward to meeting you again for more adventures!



Rossana & the AusBroms team

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters, skies and communities. We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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