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Newsletter No 28 - 28 October 2022

Exciting News from Ausbroms

Dear AusBromers,

We hope you’re all well and happy!

Here in the Northern Rivers NSW, summer is greeting us with its hot hands, the sun is shining high and bright after a start of the week that saw us flooded and homebound. The majesty of nature never ceases to wonder us with the reminder that everything is everchanging…exactly like us and this epic ride that AusBroms is.

We feel grateful and delighted to share our latest news with you :)

Elizabeth - Our $500 survey prize winner

You may remember that recently we released a survey called “Help us to help you” in order to collect precious feedback from our brom-loving community. Your inputs are supporting us greatly in orienting AusBroms in a direction that meets you. We are looking forward to slowly incorporate your advice into our management and watching its unfolding. You may also remember that as a reward for your answers, we organised a draw to select a lucky winner of a $500 voucher to spend in broms! It was beyond beautiful to find out that the winner was a lovely lady called Elizabeth who is a local and visited the nursery several times in the past when it was still run by the previous owners! Elizabeth showed up with her beautiful daughter Marelda and entertained us with funny stories while she picked her broms!  It was a pleasure to meet them and gift them some extra broms ;) Looking forward to meeting you again ladies, enjoy your broms!

In the photo: Elizabeth and Marelda, Alcantarea ‘Mellow Yellow’, Alcantarea vinicolor, Goudaea ospinae var. gruberi, Guzmania blassii, Craig, Johnny, Chris & Rossana.

Silver Plums galore

Thinking of Silver Plums? Not really thinking about them, but reading the name made you think of them?

Either way, get some here

Our stock is looking better than ever, the Alcantarea are vibrant and healthy eager to find a new home! Will it be yours? Hurry up, they won’t last long.

Tree in - tree out

The flood that hit us on Sunday also hit one of our Leopard trees…which consequently hit our Neoregelias’ shade house! The Neos were luckily all good as the structure collapsed on a space that we cleared a while ago, yet this domino effect gifted us with a good lesson.

The following morning roads were still flooded, so our team couldn’t come in. We (Rossana & Chris) decided to clear the tree and take advantage of the free time to complete some tasks that were left behind. We were trying to fill our day to be productive however, it felt like a lot of efforting and it just wasn’t enjoyable. So we chose to let go of our mind’s plans and meditate instead. We sat down for an hour and a half and as we finished we felt that some action was about to take place. A few minutes later a client from Darwin named Les rocked up to get some broms! This made us aware that roads were finally clear. Chris took our guest for a stroll in the nursery and he offered to help us, in return for a few brom,s with freeing up the driveway from the fallen tree. After not that long another few legends from our team rocked up and effortlessly the tree was removed, we were rested and we had fun in the process. It was so beautiful to feel that we were provided for and surrendering to life’s plans is much more easeful than fulfilling our own agendas!

And as a tree fell another tree was revealed from the thick bush that we cleared on one of the hills. This majestic fig tree is a big presence that brings us quiet and wisdom. It’s our Grandfather Tree!

Mini Neos looking hot!

We absolutely love these mini guys! Michael made some more available for you on our shop

Don’t they look irresistible?

Sneak peak into our next newsletter

AusBromers, you soon won’t be able to contain your excitement!

In our next newsletter we’ll announce our incredible new brom acquisition (HOT STUFF!), our AusBroms-style Christmas party and fun gift packs for your loved ones. Pack your bag and come have a good time with us!

Stay splendid!

Your AusBroms team

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise the continuing connection to lands, waters, skies and communities. We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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